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Babies and screens: Much Care.

Experts warn of the risk of using mobile phones and tablets in children under two years
Babies and screens: Much Care.

Baby with tablet

Jun 28, 2016

15% of children under one year of age usually plays with mobile applications and tablets. It is a common resource on car trips, to entertain when they want to eat or even to calm them down when they have a tantrum. In addition, unlike television, parents come to feel less guilty when thinking about the educational value of games and applications for smartphones with the children enjoy themselves.

And yet, pediatricians and pediatric ophthalmologists advise against its continued use, especially in children under two years.

Children, especially those under two years, have great plasticity in the visual system, adapting to the circumstances and the environment in which they develop. Hence if you spend a lot of time working with a very small and close to the screen view – about twenty centimeters – its system approach could see altered.

Another consequence of the consumption of these displays is that in some children, using both time near vision, could come to light graduation defects such as farsightedness, astigmatism or even some types of strabismus.

Furthermore, the use of screens of any type reduces the number of times blink per second, producing a reduction in quality of tear, so that the eye becomes red, giving a feeling of dryness or foreign body and blurred vision, and, at the same time you can aggravate conditions such as allergy, atopy eye and blepharitis.